What do we offer?

The quest for artistic harmony usually goes hand in glove with concern for beauty. Reinvestment in order to improve service and long-term vision have always remained the two principles to which Farouk Hossen Opticians Ltd always remained faithful. The satisfaction of the customers remains primordial.

Our offices are designed in order to effectively fulfil the requirements of all the tastes. They reflect this obsession for details, reverberating concepts like modernism and refinement. The work equipment, glasses and frames are thus all the latest obtainable on the market. Services and consultations are entirely computerised. From traditional consultation methods, we have moved on to hi-tech methods.

We offer the following services:

  • Optometry/Ophthalmology
  • Eye/Retina examinations
  • Dispensing of prescriptions, preparation of lenses
  • Advice on choosing glasses
  • Services adapted to children
  • Distribution of fashion glasses (Sunglasses)
  • Distribution of corrective glasses and contact lenses


Sole Distributor of JK London and De Rigo products

Exclusive distributor of HOYA lenses in Mauritius