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A myopic person sees very clearly from near but not from far. This is because the distance between the cornea and the retina is too significant - the eye is "too long". The image is formed in front of the retina. For the myopic, the shorter is the distance of clear vision, the stronger is the myopia.

First symptoms

  • Do you crumple your eyes to see clearly from far?
  • Do you come across your friends in the street but fail to recognise them?
  • Does your child write with his nose glued to the book?

These are symptoms of myopia.


Myopia is corrected by means of divergent (concave) lenses. It puts the image back onto the retina and restores clear vision until infinity.

The stronger is myopia, the thicker are the corrective lenses at the edge and the heavier they are; they are unesthetic, uncomfortable and limit the choice of frames. Nowadays, there are many more high-performing lenses.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses give many advantages to short-sighted people: improvement in visual acuity (more sensitive as myopia increases), enlarged field of vision...

All kinds of lenses are available: soft aqueous lenses or hard lenses.

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