Choosing your frames

You should understand that a beautiful pair of glasses will not necessarily suit you well. These are essential factors to consider when choosing your glasses:

  • The shape of your face
  • The size of your face
  • Your eye colour
  • Your hair colour
  • Your hair style
  • Your eyebrows

These will also determine

  • The material
  • The type of bridge

that would be most appropriate for your frames.

Factors to consider

The shape of your face

A round face: Accentuate with round shapes or correct it with geometric, angular or stretched shapes.

An oval face: You can choose any type of glasses (classical or smart) which, however, you should keep some kind of harmony and match your personality.

A square face: Accentuate your personality by choosing geometrical shapes (by avoiding the squared shape) or soften it with oval shapes and soft lines. Be sure that the width of the glasses is inferior to the width of your face.

A rectangular face: Widen your face with large oval-shaped frames. Avoid rectangular shapes, which would harden your features.

A triangular face: Prefer light, round and thin frames. Avoid severe and geometric frames as well as the butterfly shape. Do not accentuate the pointed effect with glasses which slide below your cheekbone.

The size of your face

Note that a frame should be proportionate to your face: if it is too big, your face will appear shrunken, and if too small, your face will appear larger.

Moreover, a frame of wrong size will be more difficult to adjust and will thus cause injury on the nose and at the back of the ears.

Your sunglasses frame should be more "voluminous" than your vision glasses: it will offer a better protection against direct and reflected sunrays.

Your eye colour

Blue iris: A blue, silver or transparent frame will bring them out.. orange will uphold them beautifully.

Green iris: Select a grey or more sustained frame in red tints.

Brown iris: Beige and its degraded tints, shell-rimmed frames will fit you very well. Purple frames will create a bright harmony.

Black or grey iris: Play with a soft harmony with beige and pink tones, or choose a contrasting harmony with black.

Your hair colour

You won't be misled when blending the frame with your hair colour.

Blond or brown hair: Choose warm tones.

Ash blond or grey hair: Cool tones are advised.

Black hair: Everything is possible.

Red hair: Degraded reddish tones will match.

Your hair style

If you wear a fringe, you should avoid wearing serious glasses which could crowd your face. The fringe should not lie onto the glasses.

If your hair is pulled back, avoid wearing strict glasses, which could give a severe look.


Whether plastic or metallic, the darker the frame, the more importance it will bring to the face.

Your eyebrows

The selected frame must follow the curve of the eyebrows and never cut it. The eyebrows should not be seen inside the glasses (except for sunglasses).

The material

Plastic material being thicker, it stands out more and is thus more visible. But it has a warmer touch and appearance.

Advised for people whose faces are lined and harsh or to young people who need to express their personality and feel free to indulge themselves in refreshing colors.

Metal has a thin coating and will thus harmonize on a thin and delicate face. It will often be associated with a color, so as not to project a cold and severe look.

You should also be aware that the thicker the side of the frame, the bigger the face will appear: ideal for long faces.

The type of bridge

The bridge is the part of the frame which joins the two glasses together and fits the nose. There are two types of bridge:

The mounting bridge: due to its large contact surface, it is very comfortable and makes the nose appear shorter.

The crown bridge: original and shaped, it lengthens and accentuates the nose.

So, choose a mounting bridge if you have along nose, as the bridge is low and has no ornament (no different colors on the front frame, for example).

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