Using computers

Contrary to a preconceived idea, working daily on a computer screen ''does not damage your eyes''. From all studies achieved in this field, it comes out that the fact of working in front of a screen would rather reveal hidden vision disorders.

Nonetheless, it is true that a person working regularly on the computer will be more easily subject to eyestrain and eye fatigue.

In fact, in a normal reading activity, we look at fixed and sharp images, whereas on the screen, the images are mostly mobile and blurry.

Is the screen ruining your eyesight?

The intake of data on the screen is almost done in horizontal axis (at shoulder height) which is not very natural for us. The normal reading axis is directed downwards; a comfortable posture which is more adapted when reading. An office job can thus be less tiring than a computer task, as head movements and postural adjustments are needed to fight against visual discomfort.

A bright environment has a particular importance in a workplace. Frequent eye movement between the paper files and the screen leads to continuous adaptation efforts to various degrees of light.

A 'natural' lighting is advised; mixture of white and yellow light, of medium intensity. For this, you need to light your workspace with a 40 or 60 watt halogen lamp, placed 50 centimeters to 1 meter away. If you are right-handed, place it to your left in order to avoid creating shadow zones. a second lighting source can be placed on the opposite side, at a further distance. The highlights will thus be preserved and the shadows brought down. It is essential for the screen to be directed with regard to lighting sources to avoid parasite reflection. Place it preferably perpendicular to the window.

You can also use antiglare filters and if you wear glasses, several treatments can improve your visual comfort like:

  • the anti-reflection treatment: it absorbs the parasite reflection at the surface of the glass
  • the anti-UV treatment: it absorbs 100% of the UV which cause damage to the eyes, filters the light and softens the intensity.

Give priority to dark character display on light background and take an active five minute pause for every hour during data-capture tasks.

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