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Someone astigmatic has a blurred vision from near and from far. One does not clearly distinguish contrasts among horizontal, vertical and oblique lines. This is very often due to the curvature of the cornea, which is slightly oval rather than round. Astigmatism may very well combine with other visual defects like myopia, hypermetropia or presbyopia.

Revealing symptoms

Astigmatic people confuse similar-looking symbols like H, M and N or 8 and 0.

Combined with myopia or hypermetropia, astigmatism can cause eye fatigue and headache.


Astigmatism is corrected by the use of toric lenses whose curvature compensates for those of the cornea. The thickness of the lense is not uniform throughout its entire surface.

The difference in thickness is more important when astigmatism is stronger. However, there are increasingly powerful and esthetic lenses nowadays.

Contact lenses

Recent technological innovations now allow astigmatic people to wear contact lenses, whether they are myopic or hypermetropic combined with weak or strong astigmatism.

Whether they are worn every day or occasionally, contact lenses give a natural look, restore the entire field of vision and great freedom in any situation. With toric soft lenses, one even forgets that one suffers from astigmatism.

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